Technical Structures


Technically projects means building works, port, water supply, roads, bridges, railways and generally rural projects.

In the case of construction projects, contracting work, in particular, are those related to demolition, excavation of foundations, reinforced concrete construction, masonry, ammokoniammata, carpentry, watercolor and oil-color painting, decorations, lift facilities etc. that have the result in the creation of components of the property.

Our firm is active in this area, covering the needs of the wider public, industrial and private sectors. We respond with absolute consistency, reliability and guaranteed quality at all stages of a project with high standards and any construction, renovation or repair.

We are able to offer comprehensive services such Page16.Photo1.600x600as:

• Project management of constriction
• Design and project operation
• Design and development project
• Supervision and technical project support
• Project Construction
• Maintenance and after sales support

Technical and management services:

1. Design & Project Planning
2. Project Management & Supervision
3. Design and Supervision E/M Installations
4. Inspection & Issuance of Certificates