Topographical Plan Designs


The topographic chart is a simple drawing, a public document or contract, as many think, but it’s a complete topographical study consists of the Engineering Research (National Cadastre, Aerial Photos, Maps, etc.), terrestrial field measurements and office work.

21489-TOPOGRAFOI-TOPOGRAFOS-MIHANIKOS-ARTA---SOFIS-AGGELOS-1Purposes for which drafted a site plan are:

• for issuance of building permits
• for admissibility and buildability plots or parcels
• for deed (contracts, transfers, heritage earnings, etc.)
• for zoning and land division in horizontal and vertical condominiums
• for characterization Forestry Act
• establishing seashore line
• establishing quarries
• for practical implementation and corrective action of application
• for Settlement Act – actuarial – proskyrosis
• Authorization for photovoltaic and wind parks
• Authorization for fixed and mobile telephone masts
• checking – Find agricultural parcels
• for traffic connections
• to characterize area

We undertake the surveying topographical surveys, the formulation and implementation of projects on the ground (buildings, electricity substations, etc.), as well as preparation of topographical for photovoltaic systems, complete topographic and coverage diagram.

We also undertake road studies for photovoltaic systems and wind farms. The package includes horizontal alignment design – sections along – Earthwork sections-tables and technical report on the project.