Building identity

What is the electronic identity of a building?

The first electronic system to record the property and built environment of the country, which is fully interconnected with the General Secretariat for Information Systems of the Ministry of Finance, the Land and PPC (DEI).

The new institution, concerns initially transfer those properties and those who are in a hurry to close the outstanding issues with arbitrary and require mechanical assistance.

What is involved in electronic identity?

086-value-1a. the building permit of the building,
b. the approved plans of the building permit,
c. the energy performance certificate of the building,
d. the floor plans,
e. the checklist for the architectural design of this building and the surroundings,
f. the checklist for the structural design of the building,
g. the checklist for studies of electromechanical installations of the building,
the. the video which shows the premises and facilities of the building,
i. Table mm and study distribution costs of the building,
j. Building Identity completeness certificate.