National Cadastre

THERMI-1The Land Registry is a single information system for recording the legal, technical and other additional information about the property and rights over thyself, with the responsibility and publicly guaranteed. Specifically:

1. Records under the property all operations that create, transmit, alter or abolish rights in property.
2. It guarantees the legal information record as the entry of each transaction only after substantive review.
3. Records and geographical description (shape, position and size) of the property.
4. Reveals and systematically record the public property for the first time in modern Greece.
5. Records the rights of adverse possession which, particularly in the province, is perhaps the most common way of the acquisition because of informal transfers.

Our office undertakes the correction of geometric data plot employee as follows:

1. Collection of Land Office, Land Registry, Notarial records, other services.
2. Write a topographic chart.
3. Identification of the problem solving process.
4. Calculation of the spatial variation.
5. Calculate the new areas.
6. Writing Technical Report.
7. Folder Organization